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Origin of White Tara.com

Quan Yin Ming DynastyOne night in 1999 as Devi, love goddess and CEO (Chief Executive Oracle) of devijuice.com, I heard, from Robert (my love and WhiteTara webmaster) about domain names. So I went online to look for my favorite babes (beautiful achetypes being enchanting sources). Some of my favorite babes, Guadalupe, Quan Yin and Green Tara were taken... but White Tara was available! Not a total surprise as my motto for over 20 years in my "beauty business" is Be Fearless Choose Love. And my "mission statement" in life is to Open the Flow of Love and Beauty. Yet is was my first White Tara Wow... I am a keeper of the integrity (wholeness) of Her (love and compassion). A year later someone wanted to buy the name WhiteTara.com but that didn't feel like its destiny.

I had no idea what that destiny would be and I forgot about it until I met Romio. In a way the seed of this website was birthed by the planting of his creative seed. Born in Nepal, Romio Shrestha is a "Celestial Artist" working with a monastery in Nepal painting beautiful Tankas. In his paintings, the ancient Tibetan myths and style of painting are brought into this new age. Sacred seeds from the past planted into the future. When I met him he showed me his latest work - Celestial Gallery -an amazingly beautiful painting of the 1000 White Taras with a Rainbow Tara in the middle.

I was thrilled to see her as I had just had an experiance of being "rainbowed on" during my month long silent retreat, as well as the rainbows of diversity always filling my life. After the completion of this painting, Romio was inspired by the thought of the manifestation... the naming, the identifying, the "coming out" of a thousand White Taras. The Myth of the 1000 White Taras came to him... resurfacing in these times (sacred seeds from the past planted into the future).

When I was "named" , I remembered with surprise having the domain name. When I told Romio about the site he was excited and mentioned some things to move the site along but it sounded like work. So I said, She doesn't work, she doesn't step off her lotus like Green Tara, but "be"s compassion and things unfold out of that. I said the seed is planted in her and it will be a joy to see how it blossoms. He called a few days later saying one of the more famous and wealthy Taras wanted to put money into a fund. I said there was no fund at this point but we'll see how that seed manifests. A year later is is sprouting...see White Tara Fund. I feel in my body mind and soul that it isn't about work or making things happen, but about creative, nurturing, loving play, which allows our beautiful garden to grow. And that growth will happen at a pace aligned with ease, not with dis-ease.

I see her in everyone I meet. A few live in her light full time and a few only when I shine her light on them and most in between. The ones that hang-out in her light full (most of the?) time are the ones being named.

To identify, acknowledge and support those who embody her spirit of love and compassion, is also to acknowledge and support that quality within ourselves. The naming began in 2001. In the last year new forms of living with people, insects, animals, plants, new currencies have been sprouting out of our tears, out of compassion.

I felt that by identifying 1000 White Taras and bringing them together into a closer network of support for each other, would create a very powerful and healing force of compassion. Just as when we are taking care of ourselves we have more to give, by being in a closely linked network of givers, a family that lives in reciprocity, we can freely share our talents, our resources in a way that completly takes care of ourselves as well as each other. An indigenous model for a new world. Sacred seeds of the past planted into the future.

Compassion and white light are synonomous. Compassion when put through the prism of this reality, creates the tolerance and beyond to appreciation and thereby the sustainabily for our rainbow of diversity. Diversity brings strength, health and beauty to this dream.

Some of the possibilities of this website are:

To share and co-create the myth. To watch the naming happen. I imagine something like a giant teardrop in a skeletal like honeycomb web form. As a Tara is named her light will light up a space in the tear. Until the whole tear is lit and creates the light of compassion to shine over the world (Maybe this naming could be watched in a huge billboard in Times Square!)

Explore the myth of White Tara and her Sanctuary and virtual home.... her Bazaar of products, services and talents nourishing the dream of paradise... her Public Temple... her Retreat Centers. Meet the Rainbow Tara expressed in the other taras.

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