White Tara - Goddess of Compassion

White Tara - Goddess of Compassion

White Tara by Mayumi OdaWhite Tara is the goddess of compassion. Her love heals the at the source of dis-ease, bringing health, strength, longevity and beauty.

White Tara is a goddess which embodies the spirit of Compassion. She wears the Bodhisattva ornaments. A Bodhisatva vow is to continue to return to this world until the enlightenment of allsentient beings. The White Tara "Wow" is to know her love... to know love... and the inate desire that arises from love which is to share love with all, recognizing our oneness. The Rainbow Body practice is often identified with her. The white of her light when put through the prism of this life shines through as a rainbow, representing the diversity of all life. She is the experience of oneness of all colors, all beings and her love and compassion for all comes from loving herself which is all. She has seven eyes, the two usual ones, one in the middle of her forehead and eyes in her hands and feet. This symbolizes that all of her activities are done with omniscient awareness. She is said to bring health and prolong life. Operating from the space of this compassionate love generates a long and fulfilling life.

The Myth of White Tara

The myth of the White Tara began when she showed up as the tear of Avalokiteshvara, also known as Chenzereng, who the Dali Lama is a reincarnation of. She appeared when Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of all Buddhas, moved into a state of compassion... when his mind and his heart met in wisdom... and the suffering he saw because the the lack of this balance, made him cry. Then he could see Her... or it is said she appeared. For that is who she is, the compassion expressed in that tear. It could be said the tear cleared the eye to see her. She is the expression of compassion. It is time to let the waters flow... let our tears cleanse and nourish... let it dissove fear in all its manifestations especially hatred. Like the water thrown on the Wicked Witch of the west... melting, melting... let the fear melt as we see we are one with all.

White Tara Invocation by Auntie Matter
Sprung from Divine Tears
First Named Wisdom Moon
Vowed To Attain Enlightenment
Only In Female Form
To Rescue Us from All Fear
Remove All Obstacles
And Transform the World of Suffering
Into the World Of Peace.

Numinous Core at the Heart
Of the Octave of Compassionate Being
Radiating Loving Kindness
In the Ten Directions
Healing, Protecting, Prolonging
Life and Increasing Fortune
Transforming the World of Separation
Into the World of Connection.

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