White Tara - Goddess of Compassion

Romio Shrestha

"Romio Shrestha comes from a long line of Himalayan Visionaries who see art as the revalations of transpersonal truths." Thus says Deepak Chopra in the introduction to Romios' beautiful book Celestial Gallery. White Tara is said to have sprouted from the tear of compassion of the Bodhisatva Avalokiteshvara. Perhaps from the tear of compassion of the Bodhisatva Romio, WhiteTara.com website has sprung into life.

From the book Celestial Gallery: "Romio Shrestha is a master in the artistic traditions of Nepal and Tibet. He directs a school of artist-craftsmen in the Katmandu Valley of Nepal, painting in the Newari style. Shrestha's work is represented in the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, American Museum of Natural History, and Tibet House in New York City. His first book of paintings was The Tibetan Art of Healing, also with Ian baker, He lives in Katmandu and Ireland."
Celestial Gallery © 2000 Romio Shrestha

Welcome, my friends,
to the Celestial Gallery -
a realm that exists
within each of us...
- Romio Shrestha

Celestial Gallery by Romio Shrestha, text by Ian A. Baker, Foreward by Deepak Chopra, Afterward by Robert A. F. Thurman is published by Mandala Publishing. Paintings © 2000 by Romio Shrestha.

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