White Tara - Goddess of Compassion

White Tara - Goddess of Compassion

White Tara © 2000 Romio ShresthaWhite Tara is the goddess of compassion. Her love heals at the source of dis-ease, bringing health, strength, longevity and beauty.

When the 1000 White Taras are named, the tone on the planet will shift from one of fear to one of compassion.

The naming has begun...
It is now time to begin to tell their story.
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This website is the unfolding story... The origin of WhiteTara.com through the synergistic meeting of Romio, a Celestial Artist working with a monastery in Nepal and Devi, love goddess and CEO (Chief Executive Oracle) of devijuice.com. Explore the myth of White Tara and her Sanctuary and virtual home.... her Bazaar of products, services and talents nourishing the dream of paradise... her Public Temple... her Retreat Centers. Meet the Rainbow Tara expressed in the other taras.

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WhiteTara The Goddess of Compassion and the unfolding myth of 1000 White Taras
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